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CLOOS - compact system CS 20

Year of Prod.






Location: AT / Niederösterreich / Biedermannsdorf

Possible Options

1 cloos welding robot qirox 350 incl. control unit, teach pendant incl. cable

Connection cable between control unit and robot 5 m

Gasnozzle sensing, seam tracking, point editor

Pedastal for robot

Cloos welding machine qineo 450 ( 450 A pulsed arc machine), wire drive, torch, torch hose package,

torch jig, connection hose package 5 m, mech. torch cleaning

2 stations turning table incl. H frame and 2 turning devices QR CTU 25, head and tailstock,

load capacity/station 500 kg, swing radius 700 mm, distance of surface plates 1500 mm

1 light beam, 1 start stop box, 1 safety wall on turning table

2 safety switches for swing doors incl. swing doors

Base frame between robot and workpiecemanipulator

Mounting and assembling before delivery

Function test incl. welding ( pre acceptance with customer possible)

Dismantling and loading on the truck

safety walls should be provided by the customer or can be offered.

delivery time: 4 month
warranty: 24 month